The Jazz BANG parties begin with a ...bang. We pack our evening programs with the best live music in Australia.

This year our musical theme is: Sydney. We're showcasing the best of Sydney's jazz to at our parties. Our musical directors Sam Carroll (International DJ and jazz dance historian) and Andrew Dickeson (band leader and jazz historian).

Friday evening

Friday 3 May

8.30pm, Friday 3 May, Ruby's Dance Hall, 14 Cadogan St, Marrickville (MAP), $30 at the door (or included with Everything Pass), feat. live music and 'Introducing our guests performance'.

Welcome to Jazz BANG. Let's get to know each other.

We'll get to know each other with a light supper, drinks, and DJed music. Then our guest MC will introduce our guest teachers and musicians in a performance. So don't be late!

Ruby's Dance Hall has become a hub for balboa and live jazz in Sydney, hosting regular parties and workshops, as well as weekly classes. The floor is perfectly worn in (smooth wood and easy on the knees), there's a comfortable seating area for non-dancing guests, and breweries, trains and buses are only a short walk away.

Dress for comfort (smart casual if you like specifics), BYO alcohol, and be sure to introduce yourself to as many people as possible.

Let's dance!

Saturday Evening

Saturday 4 May

8.00pm, Saturday 4 May, venue TBC, $40 at the door (or included with Everything Pass), feat. live music and 'Jazz History' performance.

We continue our tradition of a big Saturday night dance, with lots of the best musicians making the best music, and plenty of room to dance.

Our annual jazz history show will be happening on Saturday night. We do infotainment right, with our teachers joining our musicians on stage for a trip through time and jazz.

Dress up, dress nice, but come dressed to dance, because music is unrelenting. The rhythm section has expanded and the vibes are fleshing out the already well-rounded wind and brass sections. This is a dance band, built for lindy hop and balboa.

Come prepared for a good, solid night of entertainment. Bring your non-dancing friends, but be sure to bring your endorphines.

Sunday evening

Sunday 5 May

7.30pm, Sunday 5 May, venue TBC, $35 at the door (or included with Everything Pass), feat. live music and 'Jazzing with the Original Groovers' talk session.

Workshops are done. Everyone's going home tomorrow. You have mad skills and plenty of new friends. Let's get SERIOUS.

We begin the evening with a little show and tell.
Our guest teachers and musician take us through their meetings with the Original Groovers of the swing era. How did they meet old timers? What was it like learning with them? What tips do they have for people researching Australian OGs? And most importantly, is there any footage?

Then we DANCE.
Lots of good music played by great musicians, good, swinging fun. Oh, and dress however you'd like. You deserve it.