Jazz BANG 2020

COVID19 has put a stop to f2f jazz in Sydney, but it can't keep a good jazz festival down.

Check out the musicians and dancers we had booked for 2020, pick up an album or dance class, or drop them a cheery note. They'd appreciate it.

If you can, please support the Frankie Manning Foundation.


Kate Wadey

has been doing live jams

Jane Solo

is continuing her study at the Con, and making music with her family at home.

Tilly Street

has been jamming online.

Andrew Dickeson

was part of this Bill Savory project & teaches jazz at the Open Academy.

Sam Dobson

is in Europe, making jazz with friends there.

Andrew Scott

and band the Corner Pocket Trio present Soup Plus on Tuesdays, and jams with the Finer Cuts on Sundays.

All the musicians have albums and recordings for sale via their websites.


We can't offer you in-person classes, but we can point you in the direction of online learning with our favourite teachers.

Laura Keat and Jeremy Otth are teaching balboa and other classes online.

Jenny Deurell and Rikard Ekstrand are members of the Harlem Hot Shots, who have many videos available online. They also work closesly with the Chicago studio in Stockholm, which is hosting live music, including Rikard's band the Hornsgatan Ramblers.