Jazz BANG is a jazz music festival thinly veiled as a jazz dance event. This year we've carefully selected the finest and most inspiring musicians Sydney and NSW have to offer.

Kate Wadey and her Presidential Holiday

Friday evening

Kate Wadey brings her love of Billie Holiday to this swinging band, and Andrew I-love-jazz! Scott builds the rhythm section from behind the piano. They've put together a band with some of their friends, a band that makes you want to dance.

Think of the swinging combos of Teddy Wilson, Lester Young, and Billie Holiday, with the sensibilities of a dance band, and the fervour of hot jazz.

Andrew Dickeson's Jazz Family Band

Jazz Family Band

Andrew Dickeson's Jazz Family Band returns to Sydney, trailing a wake of rave reviews and ecstatic testimonials.

What sort of music?
Andrew takes the Blue Rhythm Band rhythm section and adds more brass, more vibes, more jazz. This bigger band moves us from rhythm and blues into swinging jazz, hot and fresh.

Samuel Dobson Quintet with Tilly Street

Sam Dobson Swingtet

An alumni of the Cope Street Parade, Basement Big Band, and Geoff Bull and the Finer Cuts, bassist Samuel Dobson has been playing jazz for dancers for years. In this band he brings us staff of younger players with talent and a passion for jazz.

Arthur Washington on guitar, Young George on drums, Lou Horwood playing trumpet, and Tilly Street singing.


Loz Yee

Loz Yee

Melbourne based, formerly European teaching and DJing ninja, Loz brings enthusiasm and joie de vivre to her dancing and DJing.

Tyler Holmes

Tyler Holmes

Balboa, lindy hop. Old music, new gags. Tyler from Melbourne DJs both kinds.

Musical director

Sam Carroll

Sam Carroll

Sam is a deeply passionate jazz fan who's been collecting jazz music recordings since the 1990s. It was jazz that brought her to lindy hop in 1998, and lindy hop that brought her to DJing in 2005.

Sam has since become one of the most sought-after DJs in Australia, and DJs regularly at some of the biggest overseas events (including Lindy Focus, Herräng, Seoul Lindyfest).
She's also been running dance events and managing bands since 2001. She takes great pride in presenting bands who not only know what they're doing at a dance gig, but love what they're doing.