Jazz BANG is a jazz music festival thinly veiled as a jazz dance event. This year our Musical Directors have carefully selected the finest and most inspiring musicians Sydney and NSW have to offer. If we're visiting St Louis and LA in our classes, our parties are all about our home town: Sydney.

Tickets to all parties are available at the door.

Friday evening

Friday band

8.30pm, Friday 3 May, Ruby's Dance Hall, 14 Cadogan St, Marrickville (MAP), $30 at the door or included with Everything Pass.

Details to come...

Jazz Family Band

Andrew Dickeson's Jazz Family Band

8.00pm, Saturday 4 May, venue TBC, $40 at the door or included with Everything Pass.

Andrew Dickeson's Jazz Family Band returns to Sydney, trailing a wake of rave reviews and ecstatic testimonials. This group wowed us at the Little Big Weekend in 2017, and Jazz BANG last year, and this year they nail the whole thing down and push it out to sea.

Blue Rhythm Band

Sunday band

8.30pm Sunday 5 May, venue TBC, $35 at the door or included with Everything Pass.

Details to come...


There isn't much room for DJs in the Jazz BANG program. So we only take the best.

Details to come...

Musical directors

Sam Carroll

Sam Carroll

Sam is a deeply passionate jazz fan who's been collecting jazz music recordings since the 1990s. It was jazz that brought her to lindy hop, and lindy hop that brought her to DJing in 2005.

Sam has since become one of the most sought-after DJs in Australia, and DJs regularly at some of the biggest overseas events (including Lindy Focus, Herräng, Seoul Lindyfest).
She's also been running dance events and managing bands since 2001. She takes great pride in presenting bands who not only know what they're doing at a dance gig, but love what they're doing.

Andrew Dickeson

Andrew Dickeson

Andrew Dickeson is one of the best known and best respected jazz drummers in Australia and Asia. He teaches jazz history at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, and he leads and plays in various bands throughout our region. Most recently he's become a band leader specialising in straight ahead swinging bands for dancers. His core dance band, the Blue Rhythm Band is so popular with dancers it risks being over-exposed.
He will take unreasonable requests and build you the best band you've ever booked.

Sam and Andrew

Are jazz buddies. They share music, argue about which Basie recordings are best (Andrew: Savory, Sam: Atomic band at the Crescendo), and live in the same neighbourhood. They also share a great passion for jazz, and for running a very tight ship. Safe gigs and good company give a band the solid foundation they need to do inspired creative work.

Sam and Andrew have been collaborating on live band projects for dancers since the Little Big Weekend in 2014. They are good friends, even though Sam can't believe Andrew doesn't dance, and Andrew can't believe Sam still hasn't listened to the Savory recordings.